If you are an undergraduate student in years 2, 3 or 4, the Personal Tutor system will provide you with a named member of academic staff, your Personal Tutor, who will support you throughout your time at the University, giving you academic support and a route to pastoral support.

You, as a Tutee, will work with your Personal Tutor to reflect on your academic performance, how this contributes to your aspirations and helps you to engage as a member of a community of learners. You will also be supported throughout your time at university by a Student Support Team.

More details on the Personal Tutoring system can be found at My Personal Tutor website.

Your Personal Tutor

Your Personal Tutor will:

  • help you to review your academic progress and performance regularly
  • help you to think about your learning, how it contributes to your future development, and prepares you for your time at university and your career
  • help you to become a confident, active member of a community of learners
  • help you to deal with any concerns or problems that might affect your studies and refer you to other staff in the School and support services as appropriate

You can find out who your Personal Tutor is through MyEd.

While at the University, your Personal Tutor will schedule meetings with you to discuss your academic progress and any other issues you may have. However, you are actively encouraged to request meetings with your Personal Tutor as required throughout your time at the University.

Please include the name of your Degree Programme when you contact your Personal Tutor. This is to allow signposting, if needed, to be done to the appropriate Student Adviser (details on Student Advisers are found at the bottom of this page).

The timeline and purpose of the different scheduled Personal Tutor meetings are as follows. Note that meeting agendas are not limited to what is stated below. You can also discuss any new/pending matters that require academic or pastoral support during any of the meetings.

Undergraduate Year Meeting Number Timeline Agenda
2, 3 and 4 Meeting 1 Within first 2 weeks of Semester 1 Confirmation of attendance/course registrations, if necessary; discuss plans for Semester 1 (it is mandatory for you to attend this meeting in person, reflect on the past year's performance
Meeting 2 Middle of Semester 1 Reflect on your progress during Semester 1 and discuss your expectations and plans for Semester 2
Meeting 3 After release of Semester 1 results (early February in general) Reflect on Semester 1 results
Meeting 4 End of Semester 2 Reflect on Semester 2


  • Meeting #1 will be in person. If you are not on campus (such as studying abroad for a period, or on placement, or studying an online degree) then your meetings may take place by telephone, or online/digital tool. Email exchanges are not considered to be meetings unless they take place within a pre-agreed timeframe to enable you to have a 'conversation' (such as if you are overseas and emailing within a 24–36 hour period to take account of time differences).
  • You can request additional meetings by emailing your Personal Tutor.
  • Other than Meeting #1, which must be attended in person, if you wish to change any individual meeting to a digital or in-person medium, you must let your Personal Tutor know.

Support contacts

Within each School there are a number of other roles working in partnership with Personal Tutors to make sure the Personal Tutor system works for you.

Student Adviser Team

The Business School has a team of Student Advisers to support you.

Undergraduate students

  • Your first point of contact for any enquiry is your Personal Tutor. Please contact a Student Adviser (SA) if your Personal Tutor is not available.
  • The Student Services team is overseen by Lorraine Edgar, Student Services Manager.
  • The Student Services team aims to respond to email enquiries within 2–3 working days, or 3–5 working days during exceptionally busy periods. Their office is GF.12 and the opening hours are 09:00–17:00 Monday to Friday (closed for lunch, 13:00–14:00).
  • Email the Student Services team

List of Programmes, Student Advisers and Programme Leads

Programme name Programme lead Student Adviser
MA (Hons) International Business Ling Liu James Yates
MA (Hons) International Business with Arabic Marta Bernal James Yates
MA (Hons) International Business with Chinese Marta Bernal James Yates
MA (Hons) International Business with French Marta Bernal James Yates
MA (Hons) International Business with German Marta Bernal James Yates
MA (Hons) International Business with Italian Marta Bernal James Yates
MA (Hons) International Business with Japanese Marta Bernal James Yates
MA (Hons) International Business with Russian Marta Bernal James Yates
MA (Hons) Business and Geography Ian Graham James Yates
MA (Hons) Business Management Stephen Dunne, Mustapha Douch, Kristina Auxtova Ellie Harkes, James Yates, Lauren Millson
MA (Hons) Business with Marketing Jen Yule, Pauline Ferguson Ellie Harkes
MA (Hons) Accounting and Business Yew Ming Chia Fionna Grant
MA (Hons) Finance and Business Lucy Liu Fionna Grant
MA (Hons) Business with Enterprise and Innovation Debbie Crompton Katerina Sykioti
MA (Hons) Business and Law Ian Graham James Yates
MA (Hons) Accounting and Finance Maria Michou Lori Macdonald
MA (Hons) Business with Human Resource Management Debora Gottardello Susie Alexander
MA (Hons) Business and Economics Nick Myers Lauren Millson
MA (Hons) Business with Decision Analytics Maurizio Tomasella Lauren Millson
MA (Hons) Business with Strategic Economics Nick Myers Lauren Millson

Senior Tutor

Each School has a Senior Tutor who oversees the effectiveness of personal tutoring within your School. If you feel that you cannot speak to your Personal Tutor (and sometimes people simply do not get along due to no fault of either side), please contact your Senior Tutor.

  • Your School Senior Tutor is Dr Aakil Caunhye
  • If you wish to request a change in Personal Tutor, please contact Lorraine Edgar, Student Services Manager, copying in the School Senior Tutor.

Our new student support model

The University is creating a new student support model to support students during their time here. This will mean changes in the way we deliver support for you from next year (2023–24).

More about our new student support model