Stewart will talk about his experiences as a former soldier and brain injury survivor and how to maximise personal potential.

Thursday 6 October 2022
Lt. Col. Stewart Hill, former British Army Officer


Stewart is living proof of how to unleash the magnificent potential of the brain. He has taken his wartime experiences and now, living with a catastrophic head injury, helps leaders understand how they can combat stress, think more clearly and become more productive. All by harnessing the power of the brain.

This event is being jointly held with the Chartered Banker Institute, the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment, and Scottish Enterprise Young Professionals.

Coffee will be served from 18:00. The event starts 18:30 and will be followed at 20:00 with a networking drinks reception.

About the speaker

Stewart was one of the most talented British Army officers of his generation until a bomb exploded into his brain while on operations in Afghanistan. As Stewart embarked upon his first few steps through rehabilitation, the markedly different effects of a 'brain injury' hit home. He suffered changes to his entire cognitive behaviour and personality. He has had to manage life with brain impairments including impaired memory, loss of executive functioning skills, and deep frustrations brought on by an inability to carry out everyday tasks as he used to, while retaining his intellect and aspirations to excel. He has turned that disaster into discovery and continues to go from strength to strength with a brain severely damaged by shrapnel.

A powerful and engaging speaker, Stewart will share the lessons, tools and techniques he has learned to help individuals deal better with the rigours and demands of daily life, and improve their resilience—whatever challenges they (we) face.