Enlightened Marketing in Challenging Times

Tuesday 9 July–Friday 12 July 2019


The 22nd AMS World Marketing Congress (WMC), co-sponsored by the University of Edinburgh Business School, will take place on 912 July 2019. A rigorous academic programme focuses on enlightenment. The academic programme is blended with an enlightening social programme as well.

The theme of the 2019 Academy of Marketing Science World Marketing Congress draws on the historical significance of Edinburgh as the birthplace of the ‘Scottish Enlightenment’, an intellectual movement that centred on reason and advanced the ideas of liberty, progress and the scientific method.

Almost 300 years on, its core values of liberalism, rational debate and the pursuit of knowledge are increasingly challenged by a rapidly changing, globally shifting, digitally connected world. As marketers, we are grappling with a plethora of complex and interconnected social, political, technological and economic challenges as we battle to be heard, remain authentic in our communications and interactions, build meaningful relationships, launch relevant products, services and ideas, complete mutually beneficial transactions and represent diverse consumer interests.

Following in the footsteps of David Hume and Adam Smith, two significant figures of this movement at the University of Edinburgh, this congress asks us all to critically reflect on and reframe (if necessary), the roles of marketing (and marketers) in incorporating and advancing the ideals and actions of the Scottish Enlightenment within contemporary marketing theory and practice.