Join us for a paper presentation analysing the controversial 2015 UKIP advert in the context of the EU referendum campaign.

Friday 28 February 2020
Professor Alan Bradshaw, Head of Department - Marketing, Royal Holloway University of London


The 2015 United Kingdom Independence Party advertisement featured asylum seekers entering Europe with the caption, 'Breaking Point: The EU Has Failed Us All. We must break free of the EU and take back control of our borders'. The controversial ad became part of an extraordinary intensification of the referendum campaign. This paper charts the ad's production and dissemination to demonstrate how the ad's broad reception is a cultural and political affair consisting of dispersed and variant forms of interactions. These interactions should be understood as generating contingent outcomes, not always anticipated, and therefore we need to understand the relationality of these non-reducible actions. Each movement of meaning created attendant shifts in the trajectory of affect which came to hold an abstract relationship with its referent, allowing us to conclude that there is an affective economy at stake that creates unstable cultural consequences.

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