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MSBE Group presents a research seminar from Dr Cemalettin Ozturk on 'Combinatorial optimisation for prescriptive analytics: applications in various domains'.

Thursday 13 December 2018
Dr Cemalettin Ozturk; Senior Research Scientist; United Technologies Research Center


Emerging technologies for the Internet of Things and increasing computational power are the Prometheus of modern times bringing the power of decision science to daily life. In this talk, we will walk through some examples of the final frontier of decision analytics within the scope of combinatorial optimisation, including mathematical and constraint programming methods as well as enhancing them with simulation techniques. For the sake of giving a different flavour of prescriptive analytics, we will cover applications from various domains including manufacturing (human worker well-being), telecommunication (optical core network design) and service systems (field service operations and airport resource management) that will be supported with industrial cases.

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