Join Helen Page, experienced PLC Executive, NXD and Board Chair, as she shares her insight into the role of the board in cyber risk, cyber resilience and digital experience.

Thursday 26 October 2023
£95 per session. 20% discount available for all 6 sessions.


NXDs have a particularly important oversight role in the management of IT and cyber risk. Cyber threats continue to increase and companies across the globe have had to invest heavily in cybersecurity. Increased regulation means businesses have no choice but to keep up with these requirements. Failure to do so will expose both them and their customers. However, cybersecurity is only one aspect - cyber resilience is equally important and surprisingly many companies ignore this.

Knowing how to detect a cyber-attack and ensure business continuity is just as critical. Knowing the right questions to ask management, and ensuring the right level of investment is allocated to IT security and cyber risk, is essential.

This session considers the most important aspects of IT, cyber risk and cyber resilience, from disaster recovery and business continuity to data security and compliance. It will focus on the level and frequency of information that NXDs should expect to see from management and explore the questions that should be asked of the Executive. The second part of this session will explore the benefits associated with experience enhancements across digital channels and focus on how NXDs can help shape the digital strategy to ensure long term competitiveness.

Digital technology has transformed consumer behaviour. Expectations have never been higher. Mobile devices and app development together with automation and machine learning are just some of the ways technology connects customers to goods and services at exactly the point they require them. Building a seamless digital user experience is no longer a luxury, it is essential for long-term competitiveness.

In addition, experience enhancements increase the ability of companies to attract and retain customers, increase frequency and brand engagement and drive longer term improvements in cost and time to market.

Guest speaker bio

Helen Page

With 30 years’ experience across the financial services, retail, charity and food and drinks sectors, Helen is an experienced PLC Executive, NXD and Board Chair.

She has experience completing two IPOs - one in the UK and one in Australia - a banking demerger, and the acquisition of Virgin Money. Helen has held senior accountability for the largest banking rebrand in the UK for over 10 years.

Her PLC executive career was predominantly spent in financial services and retail, most notably as a member of the UK Executive Board of RBS Group for seven years and CYBG/ Virgin Money for almost ten years. She has held a number of senior roles including marketing, strategy, innovation, communications, product management, customer experience, complaint handling and ESG.

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