Using a live interactive audience polling tool to stimulate two-way dialogue and group discussion, this five-day programme disseminates best practice strategic and practical advice on how to lead digital supported change in your organisation.

Monday 11 May–Friday 15 May 2020
1st Floor MBA Suite
Dr Jim Hamill


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Participants will be provided with the knowledge and practical skills to develop, implement and proactively manage successful transformation initiatives leveraging the full potential of emerging technologies. We will introduce you to transformation strategies changing 'the way things are done around here'.

A 'business first' rather than 'technology led' approach will be adopted, ensuring that the digital actions and initiatives you implement are fully aligned with and supportive of agreed business goals and objectives.

This is NOT a programme in IT management. The main barriers to successful digital supported transformation are people, organisation, and culture. Technology is the facilitator of change but on its own it is not enough.

Successful transformation requires the integration and coordination of strategy, people, processes, systems, organisation, culture, and technology to achieve your business objectives.

Aims and Outcomes

On completion of the programme, and utilising the diagnostic tools and templates contained in the 'Leading Transformation Toolkit', participants will have acquired the knowledge and practical skills to:

  • Undertake a digital landscape analysis
  • Develop a digital enabled vision and strategy for their own organisation, fully aligned with and supportive of established business goals and objectives
  • Agree an Action Plan for 'getting there', identifying and prioritising the digital actions and initiatives required to deliver agreed business outcomes
  • Develop change management competencies—the personal skills and empathy to overcome organisational, people, and cultural barriers to change; win organisational support and commitment for transformation
  • Successfully implement transformation programmes ensuring a strong focus on performance measurement and informed decision-making based on data analytics
  • Adopt a future looking perspective considering the rapid pace of digital change
  • Build your own personal brand as a 'leader of change for the digital era'

Course Content

A hybrid approach to programme delivery will be adopted, comprising lecture presentations, an online resource hub, the use of a live Interactive Polling Tool to stimulate open class discussion and debate, group work, group presentations and guest speakers.

All course material will be provided well in advance allowing a highly interactive approach to be adopted during the face-to-face sessions. Rather than 'death by PowerPoint', the sessions will use very practical tools and frameworks supporting participants in applying key principles to their own organisation (or organisation of their own choice). An action learning approach will be adopted throughout, built around a Task Based Assignment.

The course will be structured around 5 key topics critical to successful digital supported transformation:

  1. Digital Landscape Analysis
  2. Digital Gap Analysis - External
  3. Digital Gap Analysis - Internal
  4. Vision and Strategy
  5. Implement and PM
Day Content Overview
Day 1: Understanding the Digital Landscape Disruptive technologies and associated societal changes reshaping industry; emerging opportunities and threats
Day 2: External Digital The new rules of sales, marketing, PR, and service in an era of customer empowerment; the use of digital to enhance the customer experience at Key Moments of Truth in the customer journey
Day 3: Internal Digital The use of digital internally to build a Digital Operating Advantage, rethinking the way organisations work, breaking free from the limits imposed by legacy technology and legacy management thinking; building modern intelligent workplaces
Day 4: Strategy Development for the Digital Era The key steps involved in developing a transformation vision and strategy 'fit-for-purpose' in a digital age; digital performance measurement
Day 5: Implementation and Digital Leadership Overcoming barriers to change; implementing successful transformation; the importance of people and culture not just technology; the role and personal traits of an effective digital leader

Assessment and Credits

Participants are required to attend every session throughout the week and to take part in all activities and submit all assessments. On successful completion, they will receive a certificate and 10 credits which can be used towards a University of Edinburgh MBA/EMBA programme.

There is one core assessment for the course comprising one individual project enabling students to choose a specific organisation for which they will develop a digital transformation plan.

This is an intensive course with teaching based on a 09:00–17:00 working day however there will be group work, assignments and reading outside these hours. There will also be some pre-course reading and tasks to complete before the first session.

Course Fees

Course fees include all tuition and course materials, but excludes any textbooks that may be required. Catering and accommodation are not included.

There is a 20% discount for University of Edinburgh Alumni and Staff.

The deadline for applications is Monday 13 April 2020.


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