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Discursive Dynamics in Illegitimacy Construction: The case of Absinthe in 1859-1915 France

📅7 December 2017
15:00 - 16:30 (1 hour 30 minutes)


👤Eero Vaara, Professor of Organization and Management, Aalto University School of Business, Helsinki


There is a proliferation of research on legitimacy and legitimation (Anteby, 2010; Bitektine & Haack, 2015; Harmon, Green & Goodnight, 2015; Suchman, 1995; Suddaby, Bitektine & Haack, 2017). However, much less is known about how illegitimacy is socially constructed. In particular, there is lack of understanding of the role of ‘knowledge’ that delegitimation processes and illegitimacy constructions are based on. Rather than being ‘objective,’ this knowledge basis is often subject to rhetorical and discursive struggle, implying a need to develop understanding of the discursive processes and strategies of delegitimation. Despite important exceptions in research on discursive legitimation (Kim, Croidieu, & Lippmann, 2016; Vaara & Monin, 2010; Vaara & Tienari, 2008) and related research on framing (Benford & Snow, 2000; Dioun, forthcoming; Weber, Thomas, & Rao, 2009), we, however, still have limited understanding of how specific phenomena, decisions, actions, practices or categories are rendered illegitimate as a result of discursive legitimacy struggles. Thus, this paper focuses on the crucial question of how illegitimacy is constructed over time based on specific knowledge claims by using various discursive resources and strategies.


Lecture Theatre 1A
University of Edinburgh Business School
29 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh, Lothian EH8 9JS, United Kingdom

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