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Opportunity to present challenges and explore solutions within the area of robotics in the healthcare sector with leading academics

Tuesday 22 May 2018


The emergence of robotics is transforming industries around the world. Robot technologies are evolving exponentially, particularly as they converge with other functionalities such as AI to learn from their environment, from each other, and from humans.

There is now also increasing automation of healthcare services, where robots have begun to solve individual aspects of human performance such as precision (e.g. surgical robots), logistic/mechanical tasks that do not require complex cognitive human input (e.g. service robots), and complex cognitive tasks (e.g. rehabilitation robots).

The University of Edinburgh has leading academic expertise both in the field of robotics and healthcare. Dr Hajar Mozaffar, Lecturer in Innovation at the Business School is hosting the AIMday (Academic Industry Meeting day) on the topic on 22 May. Registration for companies and organisations is now open.

AIMday Robotics in Healthcare seeks to help industry and the healthcare sector to identify existing technical, sociotechnical, organisational, and regulatory challenges that may be hampering progress and to find approaches to potential solutions. Companies are asked to put forward their real-life industry questions, which will be matched with specific academic expertise to form the basis of one-hour, multi-disciplinary workshop discussions in small groups. We welcome challenges from innovators, businesses, designers, NHS staff, and policy makers.

Examples of possible questions can be found at AIMday Robotics in Healthcare.

Visit AIMDay Robotics in Healthcare for further information on the AIMday event format and objectives.

The deadline for company registration is Wednesday 18 April 2018.

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