This online course is designed to prepare marketing professionals for the future of marketing. Over ten weeks, course participants will develop an agile mindset and data literacy skills.

Monday 23 January–Sunday 2 April 2023


This course is also running September–November 2022.

While the 4 Ps of Marketing—product, price, place, and promotion—remain relevant, the marketing and marketing profession are changing. This course alerts marketing professionals to the changes facing marketing and prepares them for the future.

During this course, participants will develop an agile mindset and will become marketing technologists—they will be able to use new and emerging technologies to design a seamless consumer experience. They will be able to initiate and drive important conversations about the role marketing plays in facilitating consumer wellbeing, and in driving sustainability and the Net Zero agenda.

While not all marketers of the future will have to have advanced data analytic skills, marketers must understand and appreciate the value of data in a broader business context. The participants taking this course will develop data literacy skills. They will learn about visual data and the application of AI for business. Importantly, they will be able to ask questions concerning data ethics as businesses undergo digital transformation.


The course will be delivered over 10 weeks in self-study on the online learning platform FutureLearn. Live sessions will take place on Zoom.


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Further information

More information on speakers and course content is available at the following link:

Future of Marketing