Join us for this Fresh Ideas Festival session discussing what remote working means for remote communities.

Friday 7 August 2020
June Bolneo, Globalisation Lead, Grow Remote
Host: Sara Robertson, Entrepreneurship Development Manager, University of Edinburgh Business School


June Bolneo, Globalisation Lead at non-profit Grow Remote, is currently working with the Portuguese government to unlock the potential of remote working for remote communities. What does remote working mean for individuals, businesses, and communities? How does it differ from home working and how can these opportunities be harnessed?

Join us as we hear from June Bolneo on her work and fresh idea for the future, followed by live Q&A.

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About the Speaker

As Globalisation Lead of Grow Remote, June has been managing remote teams for 8 years and is a big remote work advocate. She is in charge of establishing global partnerships for Grow Remote to build communities of remote workers in rural areas and raise awareness about the benefits of remote working.

June Bolneo