This panel will bring together industry leaders from the banking and asset management industries to discuss how the growing use of machine learning is changing the nature of work on the trading desk.

Thursday 27 May 2021
Dr Taylor Spears, Chancellor’s Fellow and Deputy Director, MSc in Finance, Technology, and Policy, University of Edinburgh Business School (Chair)
Dr Sonia Schulenburg, Founder, CEO, and Director, Level E Research Limited
Dr Gabor Zala, Managing Director, Derivatives and Structured Products, Commerzbank AG
Dr Paulina Ziembińska, Vice President, Trading Research, BlackRock


Models have long been important tools for traders; however, they have traditionally played a supplementary, rather than a primary role in day-to-day trading activities.

The panel will discuss:

  • How machine learning is changing the required skill-set for those interested in working in positions on a trading desk.
  • Whether machine learning is "replacing" human decision-making, or instead is changing where in the trading or investment process it is needed.
  • How does the practice of risk management change when trading decisions are automated?
  • How can students who are interested in working on a trading desk in the era of machine learning, best position themselves for these positions?

This panel will be delivered through Zoom and will be aimed both at students in the University of Edinburgh Business School MSc programme in Finance, Technology, and Policy, and industry practitioners.

This event is being held in association with The Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI) and the Chartered Banker Institute (CBI).