A development meeting to bring together scholars from around the world working on idiosyncratic deals (i-deals) in order to facilitate theoretical conceptualisation and provoke debate within the field.

Monday 24 May–Wednesday 26 May 2021
Professor Denise Rousseau, University Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
Dr Maria Tomprou, Research Scientist, CoEx Lab, HCII, Carnegie Mellon University
Professor Matthijs Bal, Professor of Responsible Management, Lincoln International Business School


Liao et al's (2016) critical review of i-deals research highlighted that there are several unanswered gaps in extant research; for example, the consequences for employees when granted i-deals seems to be contradictory. This development meeting aims to begin a conversation around these research gaps by enhancing the engagement and collaboration of management studies' scholars currently working on i-deals.

The purpose of the meeting is two-fold:

  • To facilitate the conceptual and methodological development of the theoretical concept of idiosyncratic deals in response to existing calls for concept clarification (see Liao, Wayne, and Rousseau, 2016; Conway and Coyle-Shapiro, 2016).
  • To provoke debate with respect to this intriguing and nascent theory.

Paper Submission

The call for submissions is now closed. You are welcome to register as an attendee even if you are not presenting a paper.

Keynote Speakers

Current confirmed speakers are:

  • Professor Matthijs Bal
  • Professor Denise Rousseau
  • Dr Maria Tomprou


Monday 24 May

Time Session
14:00–14:10 Welcome by Maryam Aldossari & Sara Chaudhry
14:10–15:00 Keynote speaker: the puzzles of idiosyncratic deals, Denise Rousseau
15:00–16:40 — Session 1: different types of i-deals
15:00–15:25 Why do employees negotiate flexibility i-deals? Integrating performance motive perspective in the context of Colombia, Yasin Rofcanin
15:25–15:50 Reducing job insecurity through developmental i-deals, Hamed Ghahremani
15:50–16:15 Beyond characteristics: workplace surveillance and digital Taylorism practises as enabler to flexibility i-deal obtainment, Milena Tekeste
16:15–16:40 Not always an ideal situation: how psychological detachment mediates the relationship between idiosyncratic deals and work ability, Amit Jain
16:40–17:00 Coffee break
17:00–18:40 — Session 2: leaders and i-deals
17:00–17:25 Transformational leadership, idiosyncratic deals, and employee outcomes, Zahide Karakitapoğlu-Aygün
17:25–17:50 Servant or sinister? A process model of follower appraisal of leader-initiated i-deals, Jeremy D. Meuser
17:50–18:15 When do i-deals make one central in the workgroup? Contextual effects of workgroup task interdependence and leader power distance, Farid Jahantab
18:15–18:40 The role of idiosyncratic deals in leader-follower relationship, Bhavya Kapoor

Tuesday 25 May

Time Session
14:00–15:00 Keynote speaker: a societal perspective on i-deals: ideal individualization? Matthijs Bal
15:00–16:15 — Session 3: co-workers and i-deals
15:00–15:25 Co-worker reactions to i-deals: is procedural fairness always good? Thomas Van Waeyenberg
15:25–15:50 Idiosyncratic deals from the organizational justice perspective: a conceptual framework of co-workers’ fairness perceptions, Sona Gachayeva
15:50–16:15 Idiosyncratic deals and organizational justice: the perceived consequences of attempted negotiation, Chris Woodrow
16:15–16:30 Coffee break
16:30–18:10 — Session 4: i-deals From the socio-normative lens
16:30–16:55 How do idiosyncratic deals influence employees’ work stress? An empirical investigation of the role of social comparisons and denied i-deals, Annika Pestotnik
16:55–17:20 Going against the grain: i-deals as social norm violations, Mahmut Bayazıt
17:20–17:45 Applying contract theory lens to idiosyncratic deals: the relational contracts approach, Smriti Anand
17:45–18:10 The role of timing and the temporal context in the negotiation of i-deals: A multi-case study of 3 Nigerian Firms, Dotun Ayeni

Wednesday 26 May

Time Session
14:00–15:00 Keynote speaker: methodologies for i-deals: how we investigate i-deals matters! Maria Tomprou
15:00–16:40 — Session 5: a person-centred approach to i-deals
15:00–15:25 Antecedents and consequences of older workers’ i-deals, Imogen Sykes-Bridge
15:25–15:50 Understanding versus liking: disability similarity as predictor of idiosyncratic deals, Christoph Breier
15:50–16:15 What makes an i-dealer? A person-centred approach to the study of employees’ individual needs in relation to i-deals, Annika Pestotnik
16:15–16:40 Proactive personality and i-deals, Brooke A. Gazdag
16:40–17:00 Coffee break
17:00–18:15 — Session 6: i-deals within teams
17:00–17:25 Differentiation of i-deals within teams: a multi-level approach, Uriel Saldivar
17:25–17:50 An ethical perspective on the impact of i-deal secrecy in teams, Emma Raets
17:50–18:15 Why do you request i-deals? Conceptualization of i-deal requesting norm as well as its emergent process, Yumeng Yue
18:15–18:30 Closing: special issue details and thank yous


There is no participation fee for this meeting.

Key Dates and Deadlines

Date Details
20 April 2021 Deadline for participant registration
1 May 2021 Online programme available
20 May 2021 Deadline for attendee registration
24 to 26 May 2021 Meeting virtually

For additional queries, please contact Maryam Aldossari.

Organising Committee