Join us as we talk to Business School alumna, Yoni Titi, Founder of Yoni Titi Human Capital.

Thursday 30 September 2021
Yoni Titi, Founder of Yoni Titi Human Capital


Series two of the 'In Discussion' sessions gives us another opportunity to hear more from alumni making an impact in their industry.

During each of the discussions we will hear about the speakers time in Edinburgh, their experiences after graduation, and what decisions they have had to make on their career journey. We will take the opportunity to talk more about their current role and ask what advice they can share with current students and recent graduates.

Throughout the session we will answer questions submitted from attendees in the chat box, you will also have the chance to submit questions in advance of the event during your registration.

About the Speaker

Yoni Titi holds an MBA in International Business from the University of Edinburgh Business School. She attended Georgetown University, District of Columbia US and qualified as a Leadership Coach — having gained experience coaching executives at the World Bank and the US Chamber of Commerce.

After her MBA, and prior to starting her own company, Yoni was the Business Manager to First National Bank CEO, Dr Michael Jordaan. Her background lies in Law and Banking. She served her articles with top law firm, Bowman Gilfillan, and she has banking experience from Investec Bank and First National Bank.

She has been a subject matter expert in the media on practical talent retention strategies, challenges, and opportunities for advancement of women in corporate South Africa, executive search, and leadership transformation.

As part of her ongoing contribution to enterprise development, Yoni serves as a Trustee of Edge Growth ED Trust — formed to create sustainable socio-economic development support to young entrepreneurs.