Fran Cardells, strategy director at Salesforce, will discuss how the world's most innovative companies use data to transform user experiences through improving experimentation, creativity and product/market fit.

Thursday 4 October 2018
Fran Cardells; Strategy Director; Salesforce
Professor Chris Speed; Chair in Design Informatics; University of Edinburgh College of Art


This session will comprise presentations by Fran Cardells, business innovation executive at Salesforce who will be followed by Professor Chris Speed, who will speak on 'More than Human Machines'.

Drawing on examples from the world's most innovative companies, Fran looks at how value creation is supercharged with data to boost experimentation, automate creativity, accelerate product/market fit, re-imagine business models and transform user experiences 

Chris will then ask what happens when we give physical things wallets containing digital currencies. How can this alter power relationships and shift social dynamics? Chris will explore these questions by highlighting the use of smart contracts in design, from a coffee machine that lets you vote for your coffee bean and pays those who clean it, to a hairdryer that trades on the energy market to offer the best price for drying your hair. As objects are connected to the Internet, forming the ‘Internet of Things’, Chris asks what happens when technologies are given their own spending power, and what this implies for humans.

About Salesforce

Salesforce is a leading provider of customer relationship management (CRM) products which utilise the tools of the fourth Industrial Revolution - robotics, AI, the Internet of Things, and more. 

Speaker profiles

Fran Cardells is a business innovation executive working at the intersection of smart business models, deep technologies and data intelligence. Based in London, Fran works for some of the most innovative companies: previously Google; now Salesforce as Strategy Director, leading intelligence applications. Fran is an advisor to Corporate Ventures.

Fran began his career as a scientist, researching both in academia and industry (HP Labs), focusing on data analysis with emerging computational architectures. Fran holds a Master's degree from HEC Paris, France, has obtained a PhD in computer science, is a recipient of a Marie Curie Fellowship, and has pursued advanced business education at Harvard University, USA.

Fran’s cause is overcoming inequality with education and is committed to helping younger generations find their passion, prepare for the workplace of the future, and develop creativity skills to succeed in a digital world.

Professor Chris Speed is Chair of Design Informatics at the University of Edinburgh where his research focuses upon the Network Society, Digital Art and Technology, and The Internet of Things. Chris has sustained a critical enquiry into how network technology can engage with the fields of art, design and social experience through a variety of international digital art exhibitions, funded research projects, books journals and conferences.

This event is being co-hosted by the Edinburgh Futures Institute, a cross-disciplinary initiative designed to address some of society's most pressing concerns.

Coffee and registration from 18:00. The event will be followed by a networking drinks reception

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