Scottish Universities Insight Institute (SUII) Seminar Series - Seminar II: Learning from and working with service users and carers


Integrated Public Services: Learning from experience and from each other....

📅16 January 2018
09:30 - 16:45 (7 hours 15 minutes)


👤Stephen P Osborne, Professor of Public Management and Director of the Centre for Service Excellence (CenSE), University of Edinburgh Business School

👤Taco Brandsen, Professor of Public Administration, University of Nijmegen

👤Tim Montgomery, Director of Operations, NHS Lothian Mental Health Services

👤Valerie Carr, Project Director, Snook

👤Greta Nasi, Professor of Public Management and Policy, Bocconi University


The integration of health and social care is a key policy and practice agenda in Scotland. Understandably much of the focus to date has been upon effective structural integration. However the role and contribution of service users in the process has been comparatively little examined. This workshop will explore what we can learn about this important element of service integration. It will draw on research from across Europe.

Key issues to be explored will be:

  • User engagement and the co-creation of value in integrated service
  • Crafting effective inter-relationships between service staff and service users in integrated social and health care services
  • The role and impact of IT and digital/smart technology in supporting service user engagement in service integration
  • The effective design of integrated services with users at the heart of them.

The workshop will include reflection from practice on the key lessons of the cutting edge research on this important topic. It will be of interest to all service professionals and policy makers engaged in the integration of health and social care professionals, as well as researchers working on supporting and evaluating this integration.


Conference Room, 4th Floor
Business School, The University of Edinburgh
29 Buccleuch Pl, Edinburgh EH8 9JS, UK


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