Your organisation does not need a digital strategy. It needs a strategy fit-for-purpose in a digital age. Your organisation does not need digital leaders. It needs leaders of change for a constantly connected world. Is your organisation ready for the coming tsunami of digital disruption? Are you ready?

Thursday 10 October–Friday 11 October 2019
4th Floor Conference Room
£1050 Standard Ticket Price
£895 Early Bird Price (until 12 September 2019)
Dr Jim Hamill; Director; Future Digital Leaders


Using a live Interactive Audience Polling tool to stimulate two-way dialogue, this very popular 2-day Masterclass disseminates best practice strategic and practical advice for leading digital supported change in your organisation.

If you would like an informal chat to see if this programme is for you, please contact Dr Jim Hamill to arrange a suitable time to discuss.

Participants will be provided with the knowledge and practical skills to develop, implement and proactively manage successful transformation strategies in an era of turbulent change and digital disruption. Transformation strategies fully aligned with and supportive of agreed business goals and objectives.

A ‘business first’ rather than ‘technology led’ approach will be adopted at all times ensuring that the digital actions and initiatives you implement are fully aligned with and supportive of core business goals and objectives. You will find more information about this dynamic Masterclass below.

Key Themes

Content is structured around the why, what, how and who of successful transformation, focusing on five key themes.

  1. The Digital Landscape: the disruptive technologies and associated societal changes reshaping your industry; opportunities and threats for your organisation.
  2. Digital Gap Analysis ('External'): a self-evaluation of the 'strategic gap' that exists between your organisation's current use of digital externally, to enhance the customer experience at Key Moments of Truth in the customer journey, for sales, marketing and PR, and where you should be. The key actions and initiatives required to close the gap.
  3. Digital Gap Analysis ('Internal'): your organisation's current use of digital internally to improve operating efficiency, reduce costs, building an agile, fast moving, responsive organisation 'fit-for-purpose' in an era of turbulent change. The key actions and initiatives required to close the gap between where you are and where you should be.
  4. Transformation Vision, Strategy and Implementation: the key questions to address in developing a digital supported transformation vision and strategy for your organisation; agreeing business goals, objectives, KPIs and targets; new business models enabled by digital technology; the importance of adopting a customer/business first, rather than technology led, approach; developing an Action Plan for 'getting there'. The key success factors in implementing digital enabled transformation programmes; people, technology, organisation, culture, project management; overcoming resistance to change; performance measurement for digital transformation.
  5. Digital Era Leadership: the skills, competencies and personal traits of next-gen leaders. How to develop leaders of the future.

On the afternoon of Day 1, a ‘Digital Leaders Forum’ will be held with three to four external industry experts discussing their real time experiences of implementing successful digital transformation strategies. There will be an open panel session for questions and further discussion, followed by an early evening dinner.

Who will Benefit from the Course?

  • CEOs and Senior Executives, from both the private and public sectors, tasked with the responsibility of creating responsive organisations in an era of turbulent digital change.
  • Business Owners wishing to exploit the full potential of digital technology for achieving sustained growth and competitiveness.
  • Middle Managers responsible for developing and implementing digital supported transformation strategies for their own functional areas of responsibility.
  • Junior Managers and recent graduates wishing to develop careers as Digital Leaders.
  • Those already working in digital requiring to update their skills and knowledge.

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Course Fees

There is a 20% discount for staff and alumni of the University of Edinburgh.


Going back after this masterclass, I realise now that we need to go back as digital champions and not just as digital leaders. We need to build more champions in the workplace to ensure that we can change not only peoples’ mindsets, but also the environment in which we work. It has been incredibly useful and insightful.
I can now go back and be an advocate and an early adopter and that will make me a leader within the organisation.
This course has lit a fire for me. I now want to do more.
This programme has given me much more confidence. I now feel invested in digital transformation; I know where I am going and I know why it is happening.

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