This two-day masterclass on leading strategic change is designed to equip leaders with the ability to understand when and why change is needed in business, and how to deliver it effectively and sustainably.

Thursday 12 November–Friday 13 November 2020
£895 Early Bird Ticket Price (until 11 September 2020)
£1,050 Standard Ticket Price
Professor John Amis; Chair in Strategic Management and Organisation; University of Edinburgh Business School


If you are interested in attending this course, please contact our Executive Education Team.

In our increasingly complex and interconnected world, nothing stands still for long. For leaders, the challenge is to understand how to navigate the latest developments and lead strategic change in response. But the processes which lead to effective transformation are often still ill-understood, and more than 70% of planned organisational change fails.

Drawing on real-world experiences and practical exercises grounded in the latest theoretical advances, this 2-day programme will equip leaders with the skills required to understand why change is needed and how to deliver it effectively and sustainably. If you would like to register your interest or speak to Prof John Amis in person to find out if this is the right Masterclass for you, then please contact the Executive Education Team.

Day One

Different Approaches to Change Leadership

In this opening session we will explore different perspectives on change, and assess how our mental models help to shape how we view change problems and solutions. This will allow us to challenge preconceived ideas that often derail change initiatives.

Analysing Reasons Why Organisations Change

Understanding internal and external pressures for change are vital in determining appropriate responses. You will be introduced to various tols that will allow you to access the fundamental drivers of change.

Constructing a Change Vision

Having an appropriate vision for the future is fundamental to the success of any major change process. Here we will develop techniques for constructing a shared vision.

What Changes?

In this session we uncover the structures, systems, and processes that may be altered during different change initiatives. We explore the varying susceptibility to change in different parts of the organisation and introduce the importance of coherence.

Diagnosing Change

There are numerous diagnostic tools that can be used to identify priorities for attention, uncover the interconnectedness of change constituents, and provide a guide to effective change sequencing. We will investigate how, when, and where to use these tools.


A formal networking dinner will be hosted for all delegates.

Day Two

Understanding and Using Change Resistance

Resistance is ubiquitous when dealing with large-scale change, and thus managing it becomes a key change leadership imperative. In this session we examine the causes of resistance and explore different approaches to managing resistance, including how it can be used to positively influence change outcomes.

Leading Change Implementation

Implementing new ideas, practices, structures, and values can be very challenging. Here we examine different approaches to implementation, and discuss how their effective use depends on the leadership approach.

Change Communication Strategies

The success of any change initiative is usually predicated on an effective communication strategy. We will examine different change communication strategies, explore when they might be more and less effective, and develop ways to contour them to fit particular contexts.

Sustaining Change

Once implemented, it is vital for change leaders to institutionalise change within the framework of the organisation. We uncover different ways to do this, ranging from altering key processes and behaviour to building in flexibility to keep changes relevant.

Who This Masterclass Is For

This Masterclass is intended for middle and senior managers in private, public and non-profit organisations who are charged with the formulation or implementation of Strategic Change initiatives.

Course Fees

Programme fees include all tuition, course materials, daytime catering, and dinner on the first evening.

There is a 20% discount for the alumni of the University of Edinburgh. Group discounts are also available. Please contact us for further details.