This online credit-bearing course is aimed at aspiring leaders and managers, who have technical backgrounds and roles in organisations. The course helps them lead and manage organisational changes by providing knowledge of the key concepts, frameworks, tools, and techniques to implement changes and innovation in the work place.

Monday 20 September–Friday 26 November 2021
£960 (funding options available)


This course will help you build on your technical knowledge to include more general management and leadership concepts. It will provide you with a foundational knowledge of key concepts and frameworks to manage change and transformation, as well as an awareness of the practical applications of data science within organisations.

A strong component of the course is a focus on professional development, including influencing, communicating with, and leading others.

During the course you will have the option to complete an online psychometric assessment (Emotional Intelligence 2.0) which is followed by a one to one online feedback session with a trained EQi coach. This will help contextualise learning and provide an opportunity for additional reflection and accountability. This course will combine case study discussions, personal reflections, and peer-to-peer learning to encourage interaction and debate.

The course will cover the following five topics related to leadership, data science, and new ways of organising business activities:

  • Understanding the links between strategy, operations, and decision making
  • Understanding self and others (for example leadership skills and styles, emotional intelligence)
  • Innovation management (development process)
  • Communication around technology (influencing others, communications)
  • Managing and leading change

The course is done in self-study with the materials being accessed through the University's virtual learning environment. As it is focused on practical application of the learning, there also will be one live tutorial session per week on Zoom.

For more information on the programme, eligibility criteria, and funding options, please visit: