Join our panel discussion to explore the Edinburgh FinTech entrepreneurial ecosystem and the challenges it faces in scaling.

Wednesday 29 September 2021
Professor Neil Pollock, Chair in Innovation and Social Informatics, University of Edinburgh Business School (Chair)
Nicola Anderson, CEO of FinTech Scotland
Stephen O'Neill, Head of Digital Economy and Data Driven Business, the Scottish Government
Joseph Twigg, CEO of Aveni
Roy Saadon, CEO and Co-Founder, AccessFintech


Edinburgh has one of Europe's strongest entrepreneurial ecosystems, propelled by the number of 'unicorn' startups, world leading universities, highly skilled workers, and the availability of early stage investors and mentors.

This, linked with a world renowned finance services sector and a growing strength in Big Data, means that the local FinTech entrepreneurial space is flourishing. However, one challenge to the community, highlighted in a recent report commissioned by the Scottish Government, Scottish Technology Ecosystem Review, is that of scaling.

The report talks of the need for the ecosystem to reach a 'tipping point' in its development where virtuous network effects strengthen the ecosystem and provide the conditions for start-ups to scale. To reach the 'tipping point' requires interventions in the areas of education, infrastructure, and funding.

Professor Neil Pollock, Chair in Innovation and Social Informatics and Nicola Anderson, CEO of FinTech Scotland head up a panel to discuss the dynamics of our local FinTech entrepreneurial ecosystem and the contribution of the Logan report to the challenges of scaling.

This event takes place during FinTech Scotland's annual festival and is being held jointly with the Edinburgh Futures Institute (EFI), which connects researchers and practitioners from a range of disciplines, to address major industry challenges with a particular focus on Financial Services and FinTech sector.