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This session will also cover many aspects of board dynamics. How do you manage a Board? How do you manage conflict round a Board? How can you influence as a NXD? How do you ensure you are asking the right questions at the right time? How do you manage the CEO? How can you develop skills to allow you to effectively respond to and challenge domineering senior executives?

Thursday 4 October 2018
Conference Room & Roof Terrace
£300 for each session. Or £1000 if all four are purchased together (VAT is not applicable)
Jann Brown; Co Head of Business Development; SOCO International plc
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New NXD Development Programme: Session 1

Jann Brown, Co Head of the Development Committee, SOCO International plc 'The Audit Committee and Boardroom Dynamics'

Join us here at the Business School

In addition to sharing with us her experience generally of being a NXD, how to cope with challenging situations around a Boardroom and preparing for a successful non-executive career, Jann will share her views and experiences on:

  • what makes an Audit Committee really effective
  • how to prepare for the committee
  • the relationship with the Finance Director
  • the pitfalls; dealing with those less financially literate
  • and what it means to be truly independent

Each session will run from 6pm - 8pm at the University of Edinburgh Business School.

The programme consists of four evening sessions and are very practically focused, led by an experienced Chair/NXD in the subject matter. This will be accompanied by academic input from Business School faculty, case studies, work groups and significant informal discussion and Q&A. While each session has a main topic, the discussions and questioning will not be limited to this and are likely to be wide-ranging.

Overview of all Sessions

  1. Thursday 4 October: The Audit Comittee and Boardroom Dynamics
  2. Thursday 25 October: The CEO-Chair Relationship
  3. Thursday 1 November: The Challenges for Smaller and Faster Growth Companies from an NXD Perspective
  4. Thursday 6 December: The Remuneration and Nominations Committees

For more detailed information please see the course outline below:

Download the NXD Programme