Meet the CEOs

Thursday 29 April 2021
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Ian Ritchie and CEOs


This is an opportunity for NXDs to discuss with CEOs the challenges and opportunities in growing their businesses and exploring the value they can bring to their Boards. The CEOs will come from a variety of businesses across different sectors, some at start-up phase with other more advanced in their growth projections. Our speakers will discuss some of the issues that NXDs need to consider to help achieve successful business growth. We will then split into small breakout groups with individual CEOs to explore the potential of advising their businesses and joining their Boards.

About the Programme

In recent years Non-Executive Directors (NXDs) have become the subject of increased scrutiny and analysis leading to higher levels of responsibility and accountability, which in turn has required them to have more knowledge and experience. The global pandemic has added a level of complexity that has seen Boards grappling with unforeseen challenges on an unprecedented scale. This has forced many NXDs to face crisis situations while also searching out new opportunities as they try to survive.

The 2021 Programme will address these issues and help NXDs bring value to their Boards in these constantly changing and uncertain times. As usual, the programme is highly practical, led by experienced Chairs and NXDs, focusing on the key issues every NXD should be aware of. It also caters for those interested in all types and sizes of organisation: listed, private, entrepreneurial, SMEs, public sector and not-for-profit. Each session will again be interactive and include group activities and case studies addressing real events, together with plenary Q&A and discussion.

These sessions have been designed to allow time for interaction and active learning in each area. While each session has a main topic, the discussions and questions will be wide-ranging.

Additional Sessions