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Management Science and Business Economics group present a research seminar from Alejandro Alcoba on maintenance operations costs at offshore wind farms

Friday 15 June 2018
Alejandro Alcoba; PhD Student; University of Malaga


Offshore wind energy is expected to increase contributing to European energy supply; the European Wind Energy Association aims in its Central Scenario by 2030 at a total installed capacity of 66 GW. Offshore wind farms (OWFs) require a vessel fleet to perform operations and maintenance (O&M) tasks on the installed turbines. O&M constitutes up to one third of the OWF costs. Well scheduled maintenance operations aid in requiring a smaller fleet size.

Models in literature typically base the decision on the fleet size by scheduling several scenarios of weather conditions and breakdowns in a deterministic way with perfect information about the future. We argue that when using scenarios of stochastic outcomes, it would be better to base the required vessel fleet on realistic scheduling of the maintenance operations. The next question is how to generate an optimal composition based on its evaluation by a scheduler.

Tea/coffee and biscuits are available from 1.45pm

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