Join Amplify at the University of Edinburgh Business School for an intensive five-day internship experience in finance. You will receive the same renowned practical financial markets training delivered to the world’s largest financial institutions.

Monday 3 June–Friday 7 June 2019
1st Floor Computer Lab
£1050 incl. VAT in the UK


Amplify: Welcome

Will de Lucy, Managing Director introduces Amplify

All training is delivered by experienced industry professionals using our world-class simulations to give hands-on training in different financial roles.

Gain experience in contemporary financial markets from the reference point of an asset manager, investment bank sales trader, market maker, hedge fund trader and the investment banking division (IBD).

This practical programme is designed to help you find, and secure, your suited career path in the financial industry.

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The Amplify experience took my passion for financial markets and transformed it into practical knowledge.

Filip Tomasik - Citigroup Hong Kong, Debt Capital Markets Analyst

I even had several technical questions asked of me that I would not have been able to answer if not for the things I had learnt on the course.

Laura Ximenez - TX, USA, Private Equity Analyst

I truly believe taking the programme one week before my meeting was crucial to my success as I learnt many things about the financial markets that really helped me during my interview.

Ahmar Asif - UBS Hong Kong, Summer Intern

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