Securing capital is critical to turn entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

Tuesday 10 October 2023
Business School Auditorium


This event aims to empower and educate prospective student entrepreneurs on effective fundraising strategies, providing participants with valuable insights and knowledge to understand the funding landscape.

Open to students, alumni and staff from the Business School, Edinburgh Innovations and wider University of Edinburgh, you'll get a unique insight into the motivations behind successful businesses that are making a real difference in society today. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions, gain valuable advice, and make connections that could help you further your own entrepreneurial goals. So come along and join us for an inspiring evening of dialogue, knowledge sharing, and networking!


Martin Gannon Headshot

Martin Gannon

Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, University of Edinburgh Business School

Martin is currently Course Organiser for Planning for a Start-up and is on the teaching team for Global Challenges for Business; Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation in Context; and Leading Technology and Innovation in Organisations.

His research primarily explores the dynamics, machinations, and motivations underpinning contemporary entrepreneurial philanthropy. Broadly, he is interested in exploring why some leading philanthropists move from success in the commercial world towards actively divesting their wealth, while also investigating purpose- and philanthropic-driven enterprises more generally. His work also aims to shed light on how family dynamics impact upon large-scale wealth redistribution, and how entrepreneurial backgrounds and experiences therein have helped to shape the contemporary philanthropic landscape.


Katharine Fox Headshot

Katharine Fox

Investment Manager, Old College Capital (OCC), The University of Edinburgh

Katharine joined Old College Capital in March 2020, and has helped grow the Fund’s team and activities to invest in the most exciting pre-seed to Series A companies associated with the University of Edinburgh.

Previously, Katharine worked in Edinburgh Innovations’ Staff Enterprise team, to support academic founders to create new spinouts.

She has extensive prior experience in business development and market research, and holds a PhD from Imperial College London and MBA from the University of Edinburgh.

Filippo Menolascina Headshot

Filippo Menolascina

Scientist / Entrepreneur and Investor, Director of Research, The University of Edinburgh - Bayes Centre

Filippo Menolascina has a wide range of work experience, beginning in 2012 as Chief Scientific Officer for Oliba. From 2015 to 2020, they held various roles at The University of Edinburgh, such as Professor of Engineering Biology, Director of Industry Engagement, Reader, UKRI Innovation Fellow, Lecturer, and Chancellor's Fellow.

In 2019, Filippo became Scientist in Residence for Equity Gap and Advisor for Delfin Health. In 2018, they Co-Directed the Edinburgh Genome Foundry. In 2020, they held multiple roles, including Chief Financial Officer and Business Development Manager for GenCirq, Inc., Strategy and Finance Advisor for Dupla Helica, and Managing Director for Noumena Capital. Additionally, they Co-Founded \u014cGI Bio. In 2022, they became Investment Executive for Old College Capital.

John Waddell Headshot

John Waddell

Chairman, Forrit

John is the Chairman of Forrit, an Edinburgh based high growth software company, and four other early stage businesses. He is also a Non-Executive Director in two other companies.

After a career in legal practice in Edinburgh, as a corporate general counsel working internationally, then in banking and subsequently merchant banking John stood down as CEO of Archangels, the leading Scottish angel group in September 2015, having held that role for ten years. Since then he has advised on transactions in a private capacity.

John is an alumnus of the School of Law, University of Edinburgh.