If you're interested in deep technologies, data intelligence, smart business models, etc. please come along with some prepared questions for our guest.

Thursday 4 October 2018


Fran Cardells is a business innovation executive at SalesForce. He is going to share his career path, experience working in data and technology industry. Please come along with questions that you want to ask Fran.

Fran Cardells is a business innovation executive working at the intersection of smart business models, deep technologies and data intelligence. Based in London, Fran works for some of the most innovative companies: previously Google; now Salesforce as Strategy Director, leading intelligence applications. Fran began his career as a scientist, researching both in academia and industry (HP Labs), focusing on data analysis with emerging computational architectures. Fran holds a Master's degree from HEC Paris, France, has obtained a PhD in computer science, is a recipient of a Marie Curie Fellowship, and has pursued advanced business education at Harvard University, USA.