This conference focuses on the importance of Scotland's mid-market businesses to our future economic competitiveness. It discusses how practical support can be delivered and the obstacles which need to be overcome to support growth.


Scotland's Mid-Market Businesses Annual Conference: Delivering practical support for growth

📅29 August 2018
08:45 - 16:00 (7 hours 15 minutes)


👤Full List of Speakers - see conference agenda


In this annual conference, held with Mackay Hannah, we examine what we can learn from the success of the German mid - market (or 'Mittelstand') sector model to power up Scotland's own 'McMittelstand'. The mid-market sector is core to Germany's economic growth and a key factor in contributing to the stability and strength of its economy.

We will discuss a wide range of themes including finance, supporting growth, developing new markets, learning from competitors, harnessing innovation and protecting intellectual property. We will also assess how business should meet the challenge and uncertainty of Brexit.

Now in its 4th year, this conference brings together a range of businesses from across Scotland's mid-market, as well as business advisory orgranisations and public and third sector delegates involved in economic development, business support, education and skills.

The conference will explore:

  • The importance and evolution of the European middle market - who are these companies and how have they grown?
  • Dealing with the 'missing middle' - why does Scotland have so few middle market companies and what can be done about this?
  • Unpacking growth myths. What is it and how do we measure it?
  • Learning from success - lessons from case studies of Scotland's successful middle market companies - challenges, opportunities and prospects
  • Building an entrepreneurial ecosystem for success - what's missing or underdeveloped and what can we do about it?
  • Responding to the challenge - the role of policy makers, development agencies, risk capital providers, universities and business advisors
  • The challenges and opportunities for the emerging middle market in a post-Brexit world

Full details of the conference programme and speakers can be found via the conference registration link below.


University of Edinburgh Business School
29 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh, Lothian EH8 9JS, United Kingdom

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