This first session of the programme deals with the 'why' of sustainable finance. What it is (and what it is not) as well as the big picture in terms of how it connects with other activities. The next two sessions will be on 6 May and 17 June 2021.

Thursday 1 April 2021
£2,000 (price for all 3 sessions)
Dr Sarah Ivory, University of Edinburgh Business School
Dr Kathi Kaesehage, University of Edinburgh Business School
Sandy Trust, EY
Ethical Finance Hub


Please note: Attendees must ensure they are able to attend all sessions before registering for this course.

Sessions on Day 1 are:

  • Finance and the Financial System—Where are we and how did we get here
  • Global Challenges—How serious are they and what will it take to solve them
  • Sustainable Finance—What does it mean, what doesn't it mean, and how do we measure it?
  • Panel Debate—Whose job is global sustainability and stability anyway?

Sessions on Day 2 (6 May 2021) are:

  • Turning climate risk into climate opportunity—Disclosure and scenario analysis
  • Understanding 'Paris Alignment' for financial institutions and related opportunities it creates
  • Sustainable Finance products and services—Opportunities for organisations
  • Panel Debate—Climate change: risk AND opportunity?

Post-session learning asks cohorts for a 'pitch document' outlining an innovation intended for their organisation. An expert panel will feed back, with participants volunteering to pitch proposals over lunch on Day 3.

Sessions on Day 3 (17 June 2021) are:

  • Organisations and projects supporting agents of change towards Sustainable Finance
  • Identifying and overcoming obstacles to change
  • Sustainable Finance case study panel
  • Closing keynote—the role of capitalism in a sustainable world


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