This is a joint event with the Business School, Maturity Institute, and Amersi Foundation.

Wednesday 13 February 2019
Paul Kearns (panel chair); Chairman; Maturity Institute
Sandy MacDonald; Head of Corporate Sustainability; Standard Life Aberdeen
Robert Dickie; President; Chartered Banker Institute
Michelle Thompson; Director; Momentous Change
John Millar; Doctoral Researcher; University of Edinburgh Business School


“It’s the system.” A cry that is often heard when we want to blame someone for the frustrations we all experience in our daily lives. Yet none of us can deny that we are all architects of our own destinies through our voting and purchasing choices. We get the policies and corporations we deserve so the question here is whether Scotland can design and develop a better socio-economic system for itself?

Whether you are Scottish or just happen to live in Scotland, this seminar asks what sort of nation you would like it to be. Is it a country with any unique characteristics? What are its special strengths and is it making the most of all its people? Can any of its weaknesses be turned into opportunities? Is there a unified, and cohesive, community spirit behind a common purpose? Do companies based in Scotland all work in the best interests of all Scottish stakeholders? Is the public sector managed more effectively here than elsewhere? Do environmental initiatives such as ‘Zero Waste Scotland’ have any better chance of succeeding where other countries have failed?

Of course, all of these issues can appear to conflict and prove intractable to resolve, but maybe a way can be found to ensure that they can all be reconciled? Capitalism has allowed trade-offs to be made between profit and the environment but that is no longer an option - we all have to work together at ensuring these goals are mutually inclusive rather than exclusive. So what can you do? Can we all adapt to a better system; for a future where we all benefit? That is the aim of the ‘Value Scotland’ Project, run by the Maturity Institute, and this evening seminar offers both an introduction and a unique opportunity. Can Scotland become the first, truly inclusive, stakeholder economy? Join us and you will find out what this means in practice. Whatever your own perspective – as a Scottish citizen, employee, public sector worker, corporate executive or policymaker – you will find it has direct relevance to you.

  • 18:00: Registration and coffee
  • 18:30: Start of event including introductions by Peter Flett (MBA Programme Director) and Paul Kearns (Chair of the Maturity Institute), followed by a panel discussion
  • 20:00: Event closes, followed by networking drinks reception

The first textbook of the Maturity Institute, The Mature Corporation: A Model of Responsible Capitalism is available to order on the Cambridge Scholars Website.