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We host an extensive programme of public events, executive education, and research seminars, featuring practitioners and academic experts covering a rich spectrum of topics including finance, entrepreneurship, climate change, and corporate governance.



Copenhagen Alumni Drinks Reception

    • Calendar Wednesday
    • Clock 18:00–20:00
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    Makers, Makers Spaces, and the Future of Commercial Craftwork in an Industrial Age

    • with Professor Howard Aldrich; Kenan Professor of Sociology; UNC Chapel Hill
    • Calendar Thursday
    • Clock 14:30–16:00
    • Navigate LT3

    Welcome to a research seminar on the future of commercial craftwork in the industrial age.

    Strategy Seminar



    35th European Group for Organizational Studies Colloquium (EGOS)

      • Calendar Thursday
      • Clock 08:30–14:00
      • Navigate Central Campus

      The term ‘Enlightenment’ means to bring understanding, provide insight and impart wisdom. The European Enlightenment of the 18th century reflected these ideals, centring on reason as the primary source of authority and legitimacy – and advancing the values of liberty, fraternity and religious tolerance. Running counter to many of the traditions that had entrenched the authority of the monarchy and the Church, European Enlightenment thinking was profoundly unsettling and helped pave the way for the sociopolitical revolutions which emerged throughout the world in the 19th century.




      The 22nd Academy of Marketing Science World Marketing Congress

        • Calendar Tuesday
        • Clock 09:00–17:00
        • Navigate John McIntyre Conference Centre and South Hall Complex - Pollock Halls Campus

        Enlightened Marketing in Challenging Times




        Capacitated Facility Location Problems

        • with Professor Toby Walsh; Scientia Professor of Artificial Intelligence; UNSW Sydney
        • Calendar Tuesday
        • Clock 15:30–16:30
        • Navigate LT2

        MSBE group presents a research seminar from Professor Walsh on 'Capacitated Facility Location Problems'.

        Management Science and Business Economics Seminar