We host an extensive programme of public events, executive education, and research seminars, featuring practitioners and academic experts covering a rich spectrum of topics including finance, entrepreneurship, climate change, and corporate governance.



Strategic Asset Management for Transformational Impact (SAMTI)

  • with Professor Jake Ansell; Professor of Risk Management; University of Edinburgh Business School
  • Calendar Thursday
  • Clock 09:00–17:00
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Strategic Asset Management for Transformational Impact (SAMTI) aligns physical infrastructure assets with an organisation’s strategic direction. SAMTI is integral to the investment decisions driving the through-whole-life management of physical infrastructure assets.




Loan Default Analysis in Europe: Tracking Regional Variations using Big Data

  • with Dr Luca Barbaglia; Joint Research Centre; European Commission
  • Calendar Friday
  • Clock 14:30–16:00
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Join the MSBE group for a research seminar based on a paper by Dr Luca Barbaglia.

Management Science and Business Economics Seminar



Work in Startups Fair

    • Calendar Wednesday
    • Clock 12:30–14:30
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    Meet the employers

    Entrepreneurship Club



    Governing Decision-making Through Data Visualisations—MBA Option Course

    • with Prof Paolo Quattrone; Professor and Chair of Accounting, Governance, and Social Innovation; University of Edinburgh Business School
    • Calendar Monday
    • Clock 09:00–17:00
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    Designed for managers looking to gain a critical understanding of data visualisation (e.g. dashboards), this 4-day course will equip them with practical tools to govern ambiguity, complexity, and the management of unknown-unknowns in decision-making processes.

    Accredited Course



    100 Years - Regional UEBS Alumni Drinks Reception - Newcastle

      • Calendar Thursday
      • Clock 18:00–21:00
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      A regional gathering for UEBS alumni in the North East