The University of Edinburgh Business School offers a series of interactive Masterclasses for senior professionals, partners and mid-level executives keen to advance their knowledge and skills.

Our Masterclasses

Our suite of programmes covering leadership and strategy are perfect for members of senior management looking to make more of an impact in their organisations.

Our Masterclasses provide easy access to the latest innovative thinking. You will be working and networking in collaboration with other senior professionals and led by a team of world-leading academics and top practitioners in their fields of expertise.

Previous Masterclasses have run on subjects as diverse as digital leadership, corporate governance, sustainable business, and behavioural finance. Our courses are applicable to most industry sectors and organisations, and offer an opportunity to network and share best practice with fellow participants.

Upcoming Open Programmes



Non-executive Director Programme (NXD): The Remuneration and Nominations Committee – Session 8

  • with Angela Seymour-Jackson; Deputy Chair, GoCompare; Chair, RemCom, GoCompare
  • Calendar Thursday
  • Clock 17:00–21:00
  • Navigate 4th Floor Conference Room

The Remuneration Committee is now seen as one of the most challenging of the board committees. There exists today an unprecedented scrutiny of executive remuneration with an increasing emphasis on the ethical nature of incentive schemes. The Remuneration Committee must therefore balance attracting and retaining the right talent while also motivating them to deliver shareholder value.




Strategic Asset Management for Transformational Impact (SAMTI)

  • with Professor Jake Ansell; Professor of Risk Management; University of Edinburgh Business School
  • Calendar Thursday
  • Clock 09:00–17:00
  • Navigate Conference Room

Strategic Asset Management for Transformational Impact (SAMTI) aligns physical infrastructure assets with an organisation’s strategic direction. SAMTI is integral to the investment decisions driving the through-whole-life management of physical infrastructure assets.


Course fees include: all teaching materials, daytime catering and dinner on the first evening. Unless otherwise stated, the Masterclasses are held at the University of Edinburgh Business School, 29 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh, EH8 9JS.