Inspiring and equipping practitioners to engage confidently with sustainable finance, the Business School will host a new three-part programme from April 2021 for sustainable finance practitioners across Edinburgh's financial services community.

The Sustainable Finance Transformation

Across the financial services, there are significant developments under way in sustainable finance. The pace of change is high with new business models emerging, existing models adapting, and innovative products and services being developed. There is increased concern about the challenges our global society faces, and heightened awareness of the role of financial services in enabling solutions to those challenges.

This has led to an explosion of voluntary and regulatory initiatives in the financial sector and a rising 'turn' towards financial capital as the tool to achieve sustainable communities and society. However, sustainable finance is a new language for many individuals and organisations, meaning it can be challenging to move forward confidently in this complex area.

A New Programme for Edinburgh's Finance Community

This programme is co-developed by the University of Edinburgh Business School, EY, and global industry practitioners. Conducted across three full days, the programme combines the latest theory and thinking with practical workshop sessions. These sessions will help develop skills and solutions directly applicable to participants' day-to-day work.

Edinburgh⁠—the Sustainable Finance City

Edinburgh has a proud history of innovation in financial services. Building on that legacy, it is increasingly recognised as a major hub of sustainable finance, home to supportive policymakers, genuinely disruptive innovators, and well-established firms embracing change. Edinburgh's size means it is easier to bring together practitioners from across the financial services and beyond both informally and at major events, resulting in a burgeoning and vibrant sustainable finance community.

Who Will Benefit from This Programme?

This course will suit those who are growing their experience in sustainable finance or anticipating a move into this field.

Is this Course for You?
Programme and Fees

Led by experienced faculty and world-renowned practitioners, our three day sessions are spread out across three months.

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