Earlier this year, our students were invited to compete in Capco’s Consulting Challenge. Capco is a global technology and management consultancy dedicated to the financial services industry. They invited all our Business School students (ranging from undergraduate students through to MSc students and our MBA cohort) to participate in a challenge to analyse and present recommendations set against a fictional business in need of consultancy.
MBA students announced as Capco competition winners

Capco shortlisted the top four student teams, who were invited to progress their pitch and return for an in-person final presentation at the Capco Edinburgh offices in November. After a hard-fought final, Team HexCo were announced the winners. Made up of MBA students Da Wei (Chuck) Lee, Xinxin (Evita) Xue, Harisha Mohanadas, Syed Ahmad Muslim and Ridkorn (Tim) Tessalee, the team were delighted at their victory.

“When we received the brief from Capco in October, the first thing that came to mind was finding diverse background talents who could understand and navigate real-life business problems. The team was formed very quickly, and each member established a shared value to deliver our best and utilise all the skill sets we gained from our myriad work experiences.”

“With the combined knowledge we learnt from our MBA, we crafted a solution to help a UK retail bank to tenfold its home insurance market share. In an extremely fragmented market and challenging outlook, we decided to take a bold approach suggesting an inorganic path acquiring small existing players to accelerate the market share growth to 5% and aiming to compound the growth organically to the 10% target within 5 years. Our investment proposal is expected to pay off in due course and generate healthy long-term returns for the client.”

Innes McArthur, Associate Consultant at Capco, said: “We had a fantastic time hosting the students and running the competition. The judges were thoroughly impressed with each of the teams, and our consultants all thoroughly enjoyed chatting and networking with the students.

“Overall, it was such an enjoyable experience for us, and we met a lot of fantastic students who we’d be delighted to see in future applications.”

We’d like to thank Capco for providing an excellent platform for our students to demonstrate their capabilities and skills in real-world business applications.