We are delighted to share that Professor Neil Pollock has been awarded the Information and Organization Journal’s Best Paper of 2022 Award. The paper, titled ‘Figuring our IT markets: How and why industry analysts launch, adjust and abandon categories’ was co-authored alongside Robin Williams and Luciana D'Adderio.
Headshot photo of Neil Pollock

The judging panel from Information and Organization had this to say of the paper: ‘It is quite rare that we see scholarship connecting category work and digital (IT) markets and the authors of this award-winning paper do a remarkable job of bringing these two literatures together. IT organisations take seriously their positioning constructed by industry analysts, dedicating much marketing and thought leadership efforts to ensure a positive placement on the competitive grid. A favourable analysis by these market intermediaries is often touted in proposals for new business development, used to reassure existing clients and to standout in HR recruitment efforts, amongst other uses.’

This paper sheds light on how and why industry analysts formulate technology market categories and adjust them quite abruptly at times. The insights provided from this paper offers valuable implications for IT organisations as they go about understanding and navigating industry analyst categories. This longitudinal study spanning nine years is an exemplar for rigorous methodology, theoretical richness, and the potential for research impact and relevance to practitioners.
Judging panel from Information and Organization

Of winning the award, Neil said: ‘I feel honoured to receive a best paper award from my favourite journal.’

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Neil Pollock is our Professor of Innovation and Social Informatics & Head of Entrepreneurship & Innovation Group.