Engage with our industry-experienced MBA students on their MBA Strategic Marketing Project, who will work in small teams to deliver expert consultancy on a marketing issue you identify as important to your organisation. This project is well suited to the SME sector.

Benefits for your business

  • Access specialised business thinking to undertake a piece of research or analysis that you may not have the resources to tackle in-house
  • Receive a rigorous report setting out research, analysis and recommendations
  • Trial our students before recruiting and benefit from highly focused and innovative talent

Why work with our MBA students?

Our students are among the best in their field and combine their strategic business and management skills and specialist knowledge, refined by the MBA process. The average student is 31 years old and each year the class represents a wide range of industries and nationalities, giving them a unique international perspective.

On completion, the students present their findings in person and submit a formal 3,000 word report.

Types of project

For the MBA Strategic Marketing Project we are looking for clients that have a specific marketing issue or problem with which the client company would like some assistance. Examples include:

  • Support in identifying initial awareness/target customer base and recommending channels and costs to advertise
  • Companies looking to scale and broaden their digital footprint both by services and location
  • Identification of how and who to market to and how to reach that market
  • Launch of a new brand and recommendations on professional marketing strategy
  • Reviewing and offering advice on opportunities to expand the brands across another geographical market


Action Date
Contact MBA Employer Relationship Manager to discuss your project Any time
Prospective clients submit project proposals Deadline: Mid-August
Successful clients are notified and confirmed September
A project team is assigned by the Business School September
Clients and teams meet to scope out the project and draw up terms of reference September
The team carries out project work Between late September and December
Delivery of report and presentation December

Discuss your ideas

If you would like more information on student projects please contact our MBA Support Team. Please include details of:

  • A brief overview on your proposal
  • Your contact information
  • Project title, objectives and outcomes, location, knowledge and any skills required