The Project Management in Business Analysis Consultancy Projects course is part of the MSc in Management and runs from January to March. Students work as a team of consultants to tackle real-world challenges that a private or public sector organisation is facing.

During the 10-week period, students invest up to 72 hours each by working in groups of four to five to carry out the research, namely collecting and analysing business requirements, communicating with key stakeholders, analysing data, and formulating and presenting recommendations.

Benefits for your business

  • Receive a detailed written report and an oral presentation addressing the proposed challenge
  • Build links with potential graduate employees
  • No financial payment as part of the consultancy project to you or the students

Why work with our students?

Our MSc in Management attracts a diverse group of graduates with a range of backgrounds. Through the projects students aim to help clients deal with the challenges/opportunities by bringing their academic as well as their pre-existing skills to the table in a range of areas.

Consultancy project

These projects provide opportunities for students to connect with employers and gain professional experience in consulting roles across a range of sectors.

What kinds of project are suitable?

Student teams can carry out consultancy on a wide range of issues, including:

  • Market analysis
  • Process improvement
  • Timetabling and rostering decision support
  • Event organisation
  • Survey design and implementation
  • Sustainable supply chain

Companies should:

  • Agree to participate in at least one 'scoping' meeting, where students will elicit project requirements directly from the customer
  • Openly share information as agreed during the scoping meeting (NDAs can also be signed if information needs to remain confidential)
  • Ideally, provide time to engage with the students either in person or digitally throughout the project (but this is optional)


Projects typically take place between January and March.

Action Date
Contact Business Engagement Manager to discuss your project September to December
Prospective clients submit project proposals Deadline: Mid December
Projects assigned to groups Mid to late January
Initial group/client meeting to draw up project plan Late January to early February
Main project work Between late January and end of March
Delivery of report and client presentations End of March

Discuss your ideas

If you would like more information on student projects please contact our Business Engagement Manager, Rachel Parks. Please include details of:

  • Which project(s) are best suited to your proposal
  • Your contact information
  • Project title, objectives and outcomes, location, knowledge and any skills required