Organisations can commission a Company Sponsored Dissertation to investigate a specific issue or problem. This will be delivered free by Masters students and supported by our world-leading academics.

We have opportunities for projects across most of our MSc programmes. The project investigates a defined research area, and results in a substantial report with extensive research, analysis, and practical conclusions.

Benefits for your business

  • Access specialised business thinking to undertake a piece of research or analysis that you may not have the resources to tackle in-house
  • A dedicated piece of work for your business completed by a student approaching the end of an intensive Masters programme
  • Receive a rigorous report setting out research, analysis and recommendations
  • No cost to your business apart from your time; the consultancy is free
  • Build a relationship with the University of Edinburgh Business School
  • Bring fresh perspectives and ideas into your business

Why work with our students?

Our students are among the best in their field and combine their strategic business and management skills and specialist knowledge with the refinement offered through our 12-month, intensive programmes. Students come from a wide range of backgrounds, offering each group a unique international perspective as they learn.

What kinds of project are suitable?

We offer different types of projects and will match you with an individual postgraduate student with the specialised skill set suited to your research needs.

Project Type Skill Set
MSc Accounting and Finance Specialising in Accounting and Finance, including financial reporting, management accounting, statistics for finance, with critical analysis, research, and advanced numeracy.
MSc Banking Innovation and Risk Analytics Skills specific to the banking sector such as the ability to predict the riskiness of a potential borrower, understand the exposure of a portfolio of loans and manage a portfolio of assets.
MSc Business Analytics Practical data analytics and data science skills, using data to help organisations make informed decisions that can drive organisational success.
MSc Climate Change Finance and Investment Students on this programme learn to understand how the challenges of climate change are driving trillions of dollars of new investments in a range of sectors.
MSc Finance Specialised in finance, investment and accounting with a sound understanding of financial principles, as well as a strong set of quantitative research and analysis skills.
MSc Finance, Technology and Policy This vocationally minded Fintech MSc addresses the knowledge gap created by the pace of technological transformation in financial services and markets.
MSc Human Resource Management The practical skills required by managers actively engaged in the strategic management of people, as well as proficiency in communication skills, independent action, and team working.
MSc International Human Resource Management The practical skills required by managers to understand real-world HR issues with a specific focus on the demands of working for a multinational organisation and across national borders.
MSc Management Focusing on contemporary real-life management issues in an ever-changing business environment; areas such as organisational behaviour, change management, and corporate responsibility.


Action Date
Contact Business Engagement Manager to discuss your project Any time
Client project proposal due Deadline: 15 December
Final list of projects confirmed By end of January
Projects are matched to students Late February
Client informed of matching outcome Early March
Dissertation period May to mid-August
Initial meeting between client and student and project scoping May
MoU and NDA agreed By end of May
Student carries out the research Exact start date to be agreed in the MoU (from May onwards to mid-August)
Outputs delivered to the client End of August

Discuss your ideas

If you would like more information on student projects please contact Rachel Parks, our Business Engagement Manager. Please include details of:

  • Which project(s) are best suited to your proposal
  • Your contact information
  • Project title, objectives and outcomes, location, knowledge and any skills required