Strategic Asset Management for Transformational Impact (SAMTI) aligns physical infrastructure assets with an organisation’s strategic direction. SAMTI is integral to the investment decisions driving the through-whole-life management of physical infrastructure assets.

Thursday 23 January 2020
Conference Room
Professor Jake Ansell; Professor of Risk Management; University of Edinburgh Business School
Manjit Bains; Director of Asset Management Business School Ltd
Professor John Amis; Chair in Strategic Management & Organisation; University of Edinburgh Business School
Dr Kristina Potočnik; Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management; University of Edinburgh Business School
Professor Wendy Loretto; Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Dean of University of Edinburgh Business School


Offering an unmatched focus on strategic management and transformational change, this programme will equip leaders with the skills to take asset management from a policy perspective into effective, sustainable practice. Led by the Business School's world-renowned faculty, and by greatly experienced SAMTI practitioners, participants will apply learning to their actual workplace challenges.

Who Will Benefit from this Programme?

Senior and emerging leaders with responsibility for implementing asset management will benefit greatly from this programme. Sectors and industries primed to take advantage include:

  • Utilities Companies
  • Educational establishments
  • Government at national, regional, and local level
  • Private, public, and not-for-profit organisations

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