The Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 requires the University to adopt, maintain, publish and review, from time to time a publication scheme. A publication scheme is a list of the sorts of information that the University will make available on a routine basis.

This website is one of the ways that the publication scheme (and some of the information made available through it) can be accessed. You can browse and search the scheme through the links on these pages. In some cases the scheme points to information that is available on the University website, where this is the case a link is given to the appropriate web page. In other cases information will only be available in hardcopy, or in a very few cases only available for inspection on site. Where this is the case, the publication scheme will tell you how to request a copy or arrange a visit.

Introduction to the publication scheme

The Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 gives a general right of access to all types of recorded information held by Scottish public authorities except where an exemption legitimately applies. Section 23 of the Act requires Scottish public authorities, of which the University of Edinburgh is one, to adopt, maintain, publish and review from time to time a publication scheme. The scheme must set out the sorts of information (or "information classes") that the University intends to publish as a matter of routine, how the information will be made available, and any charges that will be made for the information.

The University of Edinburgh is committed to openness and transparency. The University Court and the University's senior management fully support the aims and objectives of freedom of information and are committed to implementing the legislation. The publication scheme is intended to assist staff, students, prospective students and members of the public to help them find, as far as possible, the information that they are interested in. The University hopes that the publication scheme will become one of the principal methods of accessing information about the University.

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