Our Executive MBA is designed to help participants think more strategically and become better leaders. Integrated professional development and executive coaching programmes unite into a personalised approach, with cohorts big enough for a diverse student body and personal enough for one to one attention to help you achieve your personal career goals.

The programme includes a particular focus on individual leadership and professional development with dedicated one-on-one executive coaching. At an early stage in your studies you will be introduced to your Executive Coach and will have the opportunity to benefit from one-to-one coaching sessions (6 in total) throughout the programme at a pace determined by your own individual needs.

Our coaching provision facilitates self-awareness, accountability for goal setting, action, and reflection to improve performance and ultimately help you become more successful in your professional and personal life. It is designed to offer you a tailored, personalised experience responsive to your individual need.

In addition, our cohort size includes on average 30 participants, thereby giving individuals more one-to-one contact with staff, facilitating more in-depth class discussions, and gives students the opportunity to build strong connections with fellow participants that will last well into the future.