An Executive MBA offers dual benefits. It is an excellent investment to support your own leadership development but it will also contribute to your employer's innovation and strategic development.

  1. Knowledge
    The knowledge you acquire from faculty and business practitioners can be transferred back to your organisation to inspire innovation and change.
  2. Leadership
    Your enhanced analytical, managerial, and leadership skills will improve your effectiveness at work with immediate effect.
  3. Network
    By working with high-calibre Executive MBA and MBA colleagues, including participants from overseas, you will expand your own and your employer's network of contacts and expertise.
  4. Research
    You can undertake a number of project assignments based on your own organisation. Through your evaluation you will be able to put forward recommendations as part of the project which your employer can then look to implement. Your employer will gain from valuable, tailored research influenced by the latest theory and practice.
  5. Innovation
    Consultancy assignments for other (non-competing) organisations can be taken, resulting in brand-new ideas that stimulate innovation across your own workplace.
  6. Talent
    Access to additional University resources and expertise means employers not only host student projects and internships to help them achieve organisational goals but research can also be commissioned through the University's leading Research Centres to give new insights.