Bhramukti Agyl Djauhari Headshot

Full-time MBA

Career Summary

A Human Resource (“HR”) professional with seven years of experience at the State-Owned Enterprise Bank in Indonesia. Appointed as head of the rewards policy team, which has deep involvement in managing the employee Total Rewards Scheme and corporate annual HR budget (approx. £ 1.7m). Top performing employee (top 25%) based on individual performance score for 3 years in a row (2020-2022).

Key Skills

Deep knowledge of HR practice, especially employee rewards management. Strong capabilities in analytical and system thinking which boost performance in problem analysis and decision-making. A fast learner and adaptive professional, who also has resiliency and determination in facing unideal situations.

Future Objectives

Develop a future career as an HR professional who has a broad knowledge of various other corporate business aspects that can provide suitable solutions for current and future corporate problems. Creating value by implementing a sustainable mindset and ED&I concept in the decision-making process to support Sustainable Development Goals.

Role Organisation Years
PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia
2022 – 2023
Assistant Manager
PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia
2018 – 2022
PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia
2016 – 2018

Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopemeber

2010 – 2014