Catalina Carreño Headshot

Full-time MBA

Career Summary

Commercial Engineer with Mention of Business Administration, with 15 years of experience in Marketing and Market Research. Graduated with distinction from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Outstanding career across a range of organisations from multinationals to SMEs. Creating marketing strategies for Johnson & Johnson and in identifying insights for the development of leading brands in Chile. In most recent role as Marketing Intelligence Manager, led strategic initiatives to deliver profit growth to clients and developed retention/growth strategies to achieve business goals.

Key Skills

Excellent organisational and analytical skills. Developed sense of task orientation and takes duties and responsibilities seriously. Experienced in engaging with multi-disciplinary teams. Passionate about interpreting and analysing information to solve company’s business challenges.

Languages Spoken

English, Spanish

Future Objectives

Strong interest in marketing management, brand strategy and customer insights. Looking for a role in a dynamic and encouraging environment, with high focus on consumer needs. Looking to guide brand vision and strategy through excellence and innovation.

Marketing Intelligence Manager


2013 – 2018

Brand Manager

Johnson & Johnson

2008 – 2013

Research Manager


2004 – 2008

Commercial Engineer with Mention of Business Administration

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

1998 – 2004