Emily Smith Headshot

Full-time MBA

Career Summary

Internationally experienced strategic leader and digital marketer in the creative arts sector with comprehensive experience in operational management, digital brand development, competitor market analysis, and client relations. An accomplished project manager with experience in supervising a $1million plus rebrand, intranet launch, brand development and GTM strategy, and gallery exhibition lifecycle. Driven by a passion for developing and executing operational efficiencies which expand business opportunities and delight clients. Creative, strategic, driven, and a motivational manager of cross-sector teams in complex, fast-moving environments.

Key Skills

A resilient self-starter who thrives in challenging environments that allow for both creativity and strong analytical skills. Passionate about collaborative, dynamic work teams, both as a leader and member. Extensive international experiences shaped the ability to adapt communication styles as a persuasive speaker, effective writer, and visual presenter. Energetic, empathetic, and people-driven. Keen to expand on current technologies to better deliver on client demands. Adept at using analytical tools to develop data, a variety of CRM tools for client management, and Adobe Design Suite for visual marketing.

Future Objectives

Seeking to leverage varied background and expertise within a consultancy established in either marketing or the cultural sector at a leadership level. Passionate about delivering impactful results to clients for an innovative and engaging organisation. Looking to utilise strong communication skills in a multi-cultural company, and would thus like to remain within Europe, specifically the UK, for further exposure to international markets.