Career Summary

Motivational leader and results-driven professional with eight years of experience in a diverse background ranging from international business, communication, marketing and event production across a wide range of global industries, events and entertainment, manufacturing, logistics, and financial services. Successfully navigated the intricacies of international trade, manufacturing, event management, communications and marketing, showcasing strong leadership, strategic thinking, and effective communication skills. Extensive experience in cooperation with the public and private sectors, international organisations and NGOs working on projects in the UK, UAE, Singapore, Australia, China, Indonesia and the USA.

Key Skills

International Trade Expertise: Managed trade promotion programs, and represented industry views to government bodies. Analyse foreign trade and monitor the global market to guide manufacturers and traders in making strategic international business decisions. Event Production and Management: Successfully managed small and large-scale projects globally, demonstrating strong collaboration, interpersonal, and organisational skills. Aligned content development with program demands, ensuring they met editorial standards. Relationship Management: Proven communication skills in working with cross-functional international teams. Maintaining profitable relationships, negotiating with clients, and resolving issues efficiently. Marketing Strategy and Execution: Developed and executed efficient marketing strategies by overseeing advertising campaigns, conducting market research, and monitoring campaign performance. Implemented digital projects from inception to completion.

Future Objectives

My long-term objective is to integrate my past expertise in the trade and international business scope with my MBA acumen to stay relevant and succeed in a fast-evolving and turbulent global context. Keen to further extend my expertise in trade, manufacturing and global strategy integrated with ESG value proposition.

Role Organisation Years
Senior Executive
Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM)
2020 – 2023
Senior Event Producer
Marcus Evans
2018 – 2020
Client Relationship Manager
American Express
2016 – 2017

BA Mass Communications

UCSI University, Malaysia

2012 – 2015