Iris Tai Headshot

Full-time MBA

Career Summary

Six years of entrepreneurial experience in the language training industry in Hong Kong. Worked as a member of the core team to establish a school from scratch which has become one of the top 5 language schools in Hong Kong in 4 years. Launched the school’s first ‘AI learning platform’ which can provide customized, automated lessons to Centre students on a digital platform. Delivered client-facing consulting services to prospective students and created customized curricula and learning plans leading to an increase in revenue by approximately 15% annually while achieving a 70% renewal rate

Key Skills

Strong intercultural communication skills in both team management and customer relations. Good at understanding consumer language and creating content to match. Experience in designing curriculum and delivering training sessions.

Future Objectives

Passionate about people developing. Looking at Learning & Developing consultancy or companies' in-house talent development in the UK.

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