When budgeting for the MSc in Accounting and Finance you will need to consider not only tuition fees but other costs such as the application fee, the deposit, textbooks, and other programme costs.

Fees for entry in 2024

MSc in Accounting and Finance
Home £29,900
International (including EU) £39,500

Please note: The amount you pay is dependent on your fee status. For more information please refer to the University's fee status pages.

Application fee

A non-refundable application fee of £60 will be payable in respect of all applications submitted for the MSc in Accounting and Finance. Payment must be received by the Business School before your application will be processed.

View the application fee payment guide

Deposit payment

All successful applicants will receive a conditional offer of admission.

To receive an unconditional offer of admission and to secure their place on-programme, applicants will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit of £1,500, and meet any other offer conditions set out in their offer letter.

The deposit is usually due within 28 days of the offer issue date. If we do not receive the deposit within 28 days, we will reject any outstanding offers without further notice. It is therefore essential that applicants have funding in place before applying.

View the deposit payment guide View the deposit policy guidelines

Other costs

When budgeting you will need to consider potential additional costs, including textbooks, dissertation field work, optional treks, and the general cost of living.

Textbooks and any other relevant teaching materials

  • Textbook costs range from £120-600 if purchased new depending on your courses
  • Second-hand books may be available.
  • Books are also available in the library.
  • If you prefer to print your lecture slides, you can print these from a University printer if you have loaded credit onto your student card.

Cost of printing and copying

Dissertation field work

  • Costs vary with field research type.
  • Interview recording equipment, travel, stationery, postage stamps and so on may be required.
  • Grants may be available to help cover costs.

Consultancy course projects or company sponsored dissertations

  • Consultancy courses are only applicable to some programmes; please check the course information.
  • Company Sponsored Dissertations are available to all students; some might be offered by the School, otherwise you may arrange these yourself.
  • Costs vary depending on the agreement with the client company, but could include travelling to meet the clients.
  • Most clients are local; costs are anticipated to be under £100.

Country and career treks

  • Students on our MSc programmes may be able to participate in local or international treks to businesses and other academic institutions. These are optional.
  • Treks will vary by programme and students may be required to contribute towards them.

Living costs

Financial support

Applicants to the MSc Accounting and Finance can apply to a range of scholarships, as well as funding options from other sources.

Scholarships and funding