An introduction to the Business School's Entrepreneurship and Innovation research group, including a list of academic staff members, group research, and research centres.

Research in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Jasper Brinkerink discusses his research into how family businesses sustain their entrepreneurial spirit across generations, highlighting how children of family business owners can demonstrate entrepreneurial capital through early-career startup activities.

Jingyuan Chen discusses her doctoral research on the impact of natural disasters on Venture Capital (VC) investments in Europe, emphasizing the crucial role of Governmental VCs in providing financial support during challenging times.

Research within the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group focuses on innovative, growth-orientated entrepreneurship and the study of innovation surrounding new information and communication technologies. The group collaborates extensively with various international scholars and centres of excellence and has an active visiting professor programme and PhD programme.


This research stream specialises in innovative, growth-orientated entrepreneurship in a variety of contexts, such as entrepreneurial finance, sustainable entrepreneurship in developing countries, and entrepreneurial education.


Scholars in this subgroup address topics such as the emergence of new generations of ICTs, new ICT-enabled business models, and the uneven and problematic access of certain groups or constituencies to the digital economy.

Research centres and networks

Many of the Group's members are involved in the Institute for the Study of Science, Technology and Innovation.

Institute for the Study of Science, Technology and Innovation

The Institute for the Study of Science, Technology and Innovation (ISSTI) is a multi-disciplinary network which focuses on four main areas.

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Research projects


Entrepreneurship and Innovation group members Sarah Cooper and Richard Harrison were involved in the Social Innovation for Local Indian and Israeli Communities and Graduate Entrepreneurs (SILICE) project. The SILICE project developed an open-source platform promoting social innovation ideas and international cooperation at regional level between the EU, Israel, and India.

Additional projects

Details of past and present research projects involving entrepreneurship and innovation are detailed on the Edinburgh Research Explorer, an online hub for research publications.