An introduction to the Business School's Management Science and Business Economics research group, including its academic staff members, teaching and group research.

Research in Management Science and Business Economics

Raffaella Calabrese discusses her research on Open Banking, FinTech, credit risk modelling, and access to finance for small businesses.

Belen Martin-Barragan discusses her research in Machine Learning, focusing on creating highly predictive models that are easier to explain, ensuring individuals' rights to receive explanations for significant decisions in the era of artificial intelligence.

Research in the Management Science and Business Economics (MSBE) group focuses on the development of innovative methodologies and frameworks to analyse issues of importance to business and policy decision-making, with a particular focus on the management and understanding of risk. International, inter-disciplinary, and industrial collaborations are central to the group's approach.

Research centres and networks

The group is directly responsible for the Credit Research Centre. In addition, many of the group's members are involved in the OR Group of Scotland.

Credit Research Centre (CRC)

CRC is an impartial research group devoted to the study of credit. It engages in both theoretical and highly applied research of interest to all stakeholders in the industry.

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Operational Research Group of Scotland

This is the official regional body of the OR Society; the world's first catering for the operational research profession. The MSBE group are heavily involved in shaping the activities of this group.

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Credit Scoring and Credit Control

The Credit Scoring and Credit Control conference, held biannually, covers all aspects of credit scoring and credit control including fraud scoring, debit scoring, reject inference, charges, data protection and neural networks. It is organised by the Credit Research Centre (CRC) and is Europe's premier conference for credit scoring and related topics.

Research projects

Details of past and present research projects involving Management Science and Business Economics are detailed on the Edinburgh Research Explorer, an online hub for research publications.

Seminar series

Management Science and Business Economics seminars focus on interdisciplinary contemporary research issues. Speakers include renowned scholars from top UK and international institutions as well as industry practitioners from multinational firms.